TavaresArt/ GardenMarket Shows

todays pix is of my favorite piece i created for the Garden Show,[ outside at Renningers Market],, you can't see the huge orchid crowning the wallpocket, but you can see how i incorparated spanish moss into the design of the piece,, and the sculpted heron on the branch turned out great

so cool,,, although it was pretty risky firing the pot sideways w/ the bird neck unsupported,, the pottery gods smiled at me [instead of the usual laughing at me]

so i have a dozen plus pots ready for the show!!!!!

but tonight i will be taking my wheel and pots to the Tavares city Hall show,,,

and i need the wheel for the outdoor garden show tomorrow,,, its all confusing to me,, so ive just packed up everything in my car,, and i can unload as needed,,

i think im getting too old to be lifting the throwing wheel, in and out of the car,, my back is feeling kinda sketchy,,

i never should have bragged about my happiness the other day,, after writing the blog, i found my dad babbling down the street in his underpants,,,, he just gets worse and worse,,,

but what are ya gonna do?  take it one day at a time i guess,, and do my best

ok i gotta grab a quick nap and then start packing the car, again for Tavares tonight,,

I hope i get to see ya'll sometime this weekend

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terra cotta coola

heres my terra cotta pots i made for the garden show this weekend at the market,,

they turned out great!  and when i put the orchids in them , it's like the frame on a painting,,

the wall pocket is my fave,, the spanish moss and the brom-air plants from the garden, just make it all the cooler!

im so happy w/ them,, i could care less if i sell them,, theyre on display im my florida room, and they look like they belong there

wierdly enough, today i am caught up on everything and nothing [aka my parents] has gone wrong,,,, good doc visit for my dad and my mom got her new teeth [old folks love their teeth,, i guess i do too]

so everybody is happy today and i can exhale,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, knowing full well that my joy will be short lived,, tomorrow  will be more ''stuff'',, but for this moment,

 all is right w/ the world,,, i hope it is the same for you!

and the thing i love most about terra cotta pots , is that the long they sit outside the better they look,, the moss and dirt is better than any glaze i can think of,,, i have a big ole pot that been in the flower beds for over 25 years,, and its the coolest pot i own

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saying Hi

pretty pots! yes?

i only have a few minutes to write,, but its been so long,,,

anyways,,, my folks have taken up huge amounts of my time,, i just can't work hard enough to keep them healthy and out of harms way

and trying to figure out how to help them,,, just has worn me out

BUT  this weekend i have all new projects,,

Renningers' Market is having an outdoor Garden/Plant/Antique event this Saturday!

 last years event was KILLER!  so thats why Im a part of it,,

so ive been busy making beautiful orchid pots,, wall pockets, and flower themed pottery for the show,, im excited [and it gets my mind off of my nursing duties] of course i will be outside throwing pots , just like the olden days, [circa 2003]  i may even show up barefoot and in my new flowered short-pants in honor of spring

AND  im also a part of an art show at the Tavares city hall on friday night,, its a group show that includes EVERyBODY in Lake county!!!!

and i will be there with my wheel , throwing pots [just like i did in 2004] and selling pots,,

i know you are wondering why i would do this ????  simply put [BLACKMAIL] im doing a favor for a friend,, and you know me,, anything for a  friend [never tell friends your secrets, other wise they will force you into art shows]

originally I was the star of this city hall show,, but due to my lack of fame,, they had to keep inviting others, to get a crowd to show up

todays picture is of the pots i featured at the April Fair weekend,,, which was last weekend,, but i forgot to write about it till today,, i didnt even know it was the fair weekend until i showed up for work,, and even then i couldnt pull myself together to be excited,,,i just doodled around and waited for it to be over,, just no energy,,, im soo worn out i can barely wipe my ass

tomorrow i hope to post pix of my new outdooor terra cotta pieces,, and friday my new orchid pots,, i bought a dozen orchids to put in the pots,,, the orchids are most gorgeous,, turns out the orchid grower and i have mutual friends,, so i got the good ones!!

thats all,, im taking my folks to hot wings night at the moose [cos its near the CVS, and they have all new meds, i need to pick up for them]

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i hope ya'll had fun this weekend,, meaning that you came and visited me and had a good time,,

it was great getting to visit and show off my home and pottery, as well as the art my friends make.

I am still totally exhausted,,

the best part was having my artist pal Sue come up from Fort Pierce to visit me w/ her mom,,

and by the way the ''agent'' for my home came by monday and now if you want to feature my home in a movie or comercial, it can be done

though i can't imagine what kind of movie or comerical it would be

im too tired to keep writing,,,

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Saturday morning

yesterday while driving around in the rain putting out signs by the road w/ Janet,, i was pitching a fit about how I will never ever do this studio tour thing again!! its too much work ! it makes me too nervous! i can't sleep and on and on,, she was symapathic and cheerful

of course once we got started and folks showed up ,, then i started having a good time,, a decent tournout and i sold a few pots,, i even sold pots from my ''bone pile'' of mistake pottery,,

the coolest part of the day was when my new artist pal, Jennifer, took a styrofoam tray and a chop stick and created a block print picturing my house, and started making prints!!!! WOW! 

the print is todays picture,, can you believe it?!

finally i have a souvenier of my home! you know how i love the souveniers!

so now we have 2 more days,, and of course im all nervous and didn't sleep last night

AND after yesterdays tour and we were fixin' dinnner the goddamn power went off!! so we sat in the dark waiting, while the stir fry turned to crud on the stove,,

ok i gotta get to work,, pacing around the yard, worrying about everything,,

come on out and visit us!!

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ready to go! raining?

ok we are all ready for the big studio/ home tour weekend,,

AND,,,, its pouring down rain,,

actually i don't mind and I'm already tired,, its all a bit too much

lokking forwrds to seeing ya'll  xomartin

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let the fun begin,,,

right now we are setting up for our show this weekend,,

of course its all windy and rainy right now,, thats the way the gals like it!!!

my poor studio has been all cleaned and swept [even the cob webs] and dusted,, gone is all my piles of things i don't want to lose but don't know where to put it,,

my wheel has been pushed into the corner,,

ok i better get back to the studio and help out,,,  or at least supervise all the fun 

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and it's Educational too!!!

besides me, the studio and the house and my artist pals,, you would think that, thats enough entertainment for your visit to my digs.

But wait theres more!!! [just like on TV]

     in the dining room i will be showing off my collection of vintage pottery by my hero Henry Graak,, he was a potter who for decades used to have a shop at Silver Springs,, he had his wheel there spinning pots. just like i do at the market!

needless to say he is my inspiration.

i think you will get a kick out of seeing his potteries

Well i have 10 new pots in the kiln firing, glaze and fire 'em tomorrow and i will have fresh hot potteries for Friday morning!

i've made major progress on whipping the house, studio and yard into shape,, ive been sweating like a pig all day as i run fom project to project,,

  tonight is a celebration of sorts,, my folks and I are going to hot wings night at the moose lodge!! they havent been there in 3+ monthes,, the last time they were there my mom had her stroke,, im sure all the lodge memebers will be glad to see them,, and i will be glad to eat hot wings and onion rings,,

see ya later

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your own Tour Poster/map

heres a picture of the map/ poster i made for our stduio/home tour, this weekend [Friday too!]

i tried to do it all on the computer, but ended up scotch-taping stuff and drawing it myself,,,

I think it turned out GREAT!  my ''friend'' Jackie says it looks like a ransom note!!!  ouch!

the poster/map is also on the front of my website,,, so one way or another you can download it and print it out,, ive been told its most easy to do,,,

AND by the way if you are using GPS [the thing thats in your car that tells you where to go]  sometimes the town of ''mt plymouth'' doesnt come up and instead you can use ''sorrento''

also we will be having signs [big colorful and easy to read signs] along the way to help guide you,,

i had a great Easter holiday,, little grandbaby Jackson came over and i had a big basket of treats for him,,,

of course his mama nixed the idea of feeding him easter candy,,

but when she wasnt looking i gave him a big wad of those yellow marshmallow ''peeps'' candy,,

Jackson went crazy eating them,, within seconds he was covered w/ yellow sparkly goo,,  finally chowin' on something good to eat, that isnt homemade organic vegatable baby food,, little Jackson was soo happy

Lauren didn't stay mad for long as she started taking pictures,, if a get a picture of baby jackson, i will post it

also i tasted coconut M&Ms,, my new favorite easter candy,,, [not counting the cadbury cream egg]  i ate them nonstop till they were gone

i higly recomend them

ok back to the studio,

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